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Archive for the ‘Politics’ Category

Message from Nobel Peace Prize Winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu photo desmond-tutu-portrait_zps7b9b17ef.jpg

A message from Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu for the Editor, Harry Owen, poets/artists and the publisher who created this immortal book, For Rhino in a Shrinking World.  Poets Printery, its web designers, graphic designers, printers and Amitabh Mitra feel proud that we took this bold step towards Rhino Conservation.

Dear Friend,

Thank you so very much for this beautiful gift. I look forward to a good and perhaps disturbing read.
I certainly support your campaign against the ghastly attempt at eradicating these splendid creatures so gruesomely. You can if you need to, publicise my support of your campaign.

God bless you,
+Desmond Tutu.

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Launch of Unbreaking the Rainbow, Voices of Protest from New South Africa

Daily Dispatch, South Africa’s premier news daily talks about the South African Protest Poetry Anthology -
Published in March 2012, the book is set to be launched at the National English Literary Museum at the Eastern Star Gallery in Grahamstown on 6 July, 5.30 pm. For Mitra, this launch is particularly important as it represents the voices of contemporary South African political poetry movements.
“This project is very important. It’s the first book ever produced after the democratic elections in South Africa regarding protest poetry,” said Mitra.
Mitra added that the protest poetry on a global scale is synonymous with protest poetry in South Africa during apartheid.
Other than featuring some of South Africa’s greats in the world of poetry, the book also has a foreword written by Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of the late and great Mahatma Gandhi.

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Photographs from the Book Launch organized by National English Literary Museum, Grahamstown

Unbreaking the Rainbow, Voices of Protest from New South Africa

Harry Owen introducing Unbreaking the Rainbow

Medicine, Art, Poetry and Protest

Poets and Poetry Lovers

Protest Poetry on a Global Platform

Wine and More Wine

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Poetry of Liu Xiaobo

YouTube Preview Image

The Poetry of Liu Xiaobo, its interpretation in Watercolor

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Call for submission to a radical left poetry anthology


and let this sun
shatter in our thoughts
shards, lets pick up again
in drought
lets strike
lets form
in shapeless rivers
lets ride
a multitude
star again.

Poem and Ink Drawing by Amitabh Mitra

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Launch of Poems for Haiti, A South African Anthology


Poems for Haiti, A South African Anthology is to be launched by firebrand ANC activist Prithraj Dullay at the Point Yacht Club 13 October 2010 5.30 pm onwards. Prithraj Dullay is the author of Salt Water Runs In My Veins
Ela Gandhi has kindly consented to grace the occasion.
Please do come.

Sunil Sharma, Associate Professor of English Literature at Mumbai says
On Wednesday evening, October 13, history is going to be made at the famous Point Yacht Club, Beachfront, Durban, SA. On this day and appointed hour, the assembly of the best poets will witness the launch of: Poems for Haiti, A South African Anthology by the Live Poets Society. “Poetry as Activism” is going to be on a wide-screen display from 5:30 pm onwards: For a change, the finest creative minds— instead of contemplating the world and its myriad recurring crises as is the general wont and pose of alienated souls—will be listening to and discussing the natural tragedy that affected a small but resilient island nation, and, what is more important, its recovery through solidarity and community efforts of little men and women, the marginalized of the local and global histories in every age. The poets featured in the collection talk of real problems of gigantic scales and address an entire nation in the aftermath of a severe quake that flattened the rich and poor houses alike, as nature is, mercifully, not hierarchical and pro-rich like human societies.

Professor Peter Horn in his forward -
A group of concerned poets rallied and expressed their shock and their support for the victims in their poems. While poems cannot rebuild destroyed houses, they can reaffirm the unity of humanity across the entire globe. The pain of our friends in Haiti was our pain as well.
While food, water, shelter, medical care are, of course, prime necessities in a disaster like this, it would be a misunderstanding, to believe that beyond the material needs there are no psychological, religious and cultural needs. People who survive man-made or natural disasters are in need of more than the bare necessities of survival. They need to come to terms with the destruction of their lives, the loss of their friends and relatives, the shaking of their most fundamental beliefs.

In my editorial
This anthology not only verifies the extreme torture a single nation, a single environment and a single feeling went through that day but also unveils dehumanization of victims, death couldn’t have erased such stretched pain, such agonizing screams till this day.
The poets included here are, some as young as seventeen and others who are recognized voices of the South African poetry movement but many others who came out to share their sorrows and be a part of this minor collection, Poems for Haiti.

The contributors to this anthology are

Phillippa Yaa de Villiers
Mahalingum Govender
Anne Bebington
Peter Horn
Ben Schermbrucker
Arja Salafranca
Barbara Johnson
Amy von Witt
Carol Leff
Gona Pragasen Kathan (Danny) Naicker
Roy Venketsamy
Kogi Singh
Vivagalatchmie Ananthavallie Naicker
Shameela Abraham
Sharm Govender
Thaveshree Morgan
Sandeepa Ramsugit
Jean Cornet
Shabbir Banoobhai
Irene Emanuel
Louise Buchler
Brett Beiles
Ndaba Sibanda
Rozanne Baker
Khumbudzo Daniel Masutha
Tlangelani Ngobeni
Douglas Ntando Gumbo
Sarita Mathur
Mandy Mitchell
Kambani Ramano
Grace Kim
Tendai R. Mwanaka
Tlangelani Ngobeni
Muthal Naidoo
Crystal Warren
Pratish Mistry
Abigail George
Mxolisi Nyezwa
Marelise van der Merwe
Kakoli Ghosh
Amitabh Mitra
Ravi Naicker
Liza Smith

Publisher – Poets Printery, South Africa
ISBN 13 -9780620464734
Price – Rand 100

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Poets Printery’s presentation of Harry Owen’s Poetry, Non-Dog

Harry Owen’s book, Non-Dog, a collection of unique poetry is being brought out by Poets Printery, South Africa.


Our next publications are -
Poems for Haiti- An Anthology of South African Poetry
As The Rainbow Breaks – Protest Poetry of South Africa

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Mdantsane Soccer


i watch from the hospital
children playing soccer
nutrition disease sickness
are not a discomfort or disability
they kick the ball to the gods
showing their thumb
the sky shakes
happiness is a whirlwind
in their eyes
the ball in the goal
unafraid of any future.

Poetry and Watercolour by Amitabh Mitra

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Mount Ruth, Mdantsane


mount ruth lives on a narrow road to mdantsane
the grass has grown wild here ever since
beyond many elections, many promises, many beliefs
nothingness is depleted sometimes
when a mad rainbow catches
a rare laughter
miracles do happen on an everyday

Poem and Drawing by Amitabh Mitra

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Mdantsane – Poems of a township hospital


febrile convulsions
the road to mdantsane
jumps of arrhythmia
twists in contortion
of an impending stroke
nobody here watches
streets dying
the shacks rasping
sells us still
unconfined freedom
layers of elements and
a river of so many people
touched the sun
the sky
with their

Poem and Drawing by Amitabh Mitra

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