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The day after – Adam Donaldson Powell, Oslo, 2008.

adam-donaldson-powell.JPGThe day after (dagen derpå):

All are incredibly impressed at the work and passion of Eli,
Brynjar, Nasra (from Du store verden!) and from Thorborg
(Kulturbro publishing company), and that we have managed to
achieve such a large, varied and important program with so
few resources.

The importance – and the synergy effects – of the festival are
(without a doubt) significant. Many networks have been introduced
to one another, and the possibilities for future cooperation are

Otherwise, I now sit (the day after), and remember many,
many special moments from the festival … at this particular moment
I am thinking of Amitabh Mitra’s speech in honour of our esteemed
Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, followed by one minute
of silence and the spontaneous utterance in Arabic:
‘Assalamo-Aleikum,’ which means ‘Peace be unto you.’

There were participants and audience members from four continents, and
that spoke countless languages, we honoured the older artists and
encouraged the young ones, we presented the world to Norway and
Norway to the world, there was much personal and artistic “healing”,
and we successfully promoted the importance of global network building
amongst the small and special niches in art and culture.

All participants have taken home with them many impressions, and have
both made new friends and colleagues … and many finally met longtime
colleagues and fellow artists face-to-face – for the very first time.
But we have also acknowledged that the world is always in a continuous
state of evolution and change, and we have clearly communicated that
we must shout loudly and be evermore creative and “new-thinking” in
step with society’s and technology’s developments – if we are still to
have a voice.

Those who participated at the festival, and those who
were in attendance at the various festival events, will surely come
to spread the messages and work from this festival all over the world —
in fact, much more effectively and further-reaching than we ever could
have hoped to do as individuals, or one institution … or even one country
at a time. That is the way it is with promotion of art and culture.

It often feels as though we tire ourselves – just as Sisyphus, and then
suddenly we experience both larger and smaller breakthroughs and
moments of recognition. He/she who has the ability to get things done
and the spirit of constantly moving ahead is ever there – regardless,
and will never become blind to the many pearls that shimmer and
shine and sparkle – even in the small meetingplaces and exchanges …
and that eventually find their way to greatness in the hearts, souls
and thoughts of the larger common human consciousness.

- Adam Donaldson Powell, Oslo, 2008.-


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