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Geoff Jackson Praises Graham Lancaster’s Fledgeling

FledgelingDear Friends: This is a review of Graham Lancaster’s poetry book done by well known poet Geoff Jackson from Denmark. ‘Fledgeling’ is published by the Poets Printery, East London, South Africa.

‘Fledgeling’ is a book of poems published by Dr. Amitabh Mitra who owns the the Poets Printery Publishing House. Amitabh himself a well known poet uses his his publishing house to provide a platform for poets from all over the world.

Graham Vivian Lancaster, a representative voice from South Africa offers his work, a collection of poems, ‘Fledgeling’. Never could a name be so misconceived. Graham is not a ‘Fledgeling’ but an Albatross, who sails the seas of the skies of the world so proudly.

Or yet, am I mistaken?

For he still seems to look at the world with the naivety of a fledgling seeing it for the very first time in pristine colors. He explains himself in his poem of the same name that he has brought up a Fledgling and says:

    “I give you my shoes
    But I can not give you my feet.”

His poems put us on the right track but it is we, who must trek.

Some simple poems evoke everyday life in South Africa e.g. ‘Jabu’s take away and sit down’, which turns out to be a tree in the shade where “Three baykons, two ekks, shize, honions, tamato, lettuce” sounds tasty. Then we realize it’s “For divers very hungry” and all is explained as the men sit down to simple hearty food in this cheap watering hole because having spent energy in some watery hole, they now require sustenance. In the same way, ‘Poplar Street’ is mostly realistic:

    “The cafĂ© down the road
    That sold hot chips
    That smelled of vinegar and salt
    And cooking oil.”

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